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How to
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How to Make a Reservation:
We take reservations for puppies before they are born.  To reserve please
contact us via email or phone.  We have a short questionnaire that we will
email to you.  I will also need information such as name, address, phone and
gender preference.  

We require a $200 deposit to officially reserve the puppy or puppies for you.  
This deposit will go toward the purchase price.  The deposit is non-refundable
once it is received, unless we simply don't have enough puppies.  No personal
checks will be accepted.

We feel it's important that you know that our puppies are not kennel raised,
but raised in our home as part of our family. This means that you are getting a
much higher quality puppy and that an abundance of time and attention has
been given to your puppy.

Kennels can sell their puppies for less because so much less goes into the
raising of the puppies than ours.  We spend time with our puppies, teaching,
loving, socializing, playing with them, and even overnight crate training so
that your puppy doesn't get you up through the night when you take him/her

Our price means that an abundance of time and attention has gone into
making sure that your bichon puppy has had the right start in life as all
puppies should, and that the transition from our home to  yours will go very
smoothly.  By the time you take your baby home, he/she is already
accustomed to people, attention, everyday sights &  sounds in the home.

That may not sound like much but most puppies who are raised in a kennel
are frightened and startled at the slightest noise because they've never been
in the home environment, and they've never been exposed to the sights and
sounds of a typical day in  a home, ie., people, love, kisses, attention,
cuddling, snuggling and playing.  Most kennel puppies will run from you
because they don't understand what the human hand is - most have never
even been held!  

Our puppies are pre-spoiled and pre-socialized when you get him/her.  You
won't have to worry about the timidness & snappiness that comes with kennel
puppies.  Basically, you won't have to be concerned with anything but just
enjoying your sweet, playful, happy bichon puppy from a reputable and ethical
Bichon breeder.  Because with us quality matters and our puppies are worth it!

On another note, we don't raise any other breed - Bichons only. So, there is
never the concern that your puppy will grow up to look like anything other
than a purebred Bichon Frise. Another assurance which comes with a home
raised puppy is that breeding is monitored and there is absolutely never any
inbreeding which could result in a very unhealthy puppy with many flaws in
appearance as well as personality.  So before you go to a kennel for a better
"deal" consider the peace of mind that you'll have when you purchase your
Bichon from us.

We do not consider a puppy officially reserved until we have received the
deposit to hold the puppy for you.  Reservations & gender preferences are
made in the order that the deposits are received.  If we do not have as many
puppies as we originally expected, your deposit will be promptly refunded.  
References are available upon request.  Our Getting to Know YOu
Questionnaire is below.

The following questions are designed to help us get to know you so that we
may  determine a suitable match between one of our a Bichon puppies and
you. If you have additional information that you would like to tell us, please do
so... we are very interested in anything you'd like us to know about your
family. The more we know, the easier it is for us to match your family with the
right puppy.  Please return this questionnaire via email.

Copy (not forward) this entire e-mail and paste it onto a new e-mail that you
will send. Fill in all of your answers.   Then, send this back to me with your
answers. Thank you.

We look forward to hearing from you!



City, State & Zip Code

Phone Numbers:




Is your Family Ready for a new Puppy?

1.Does everyone in your family want a puppy?

2.Is someone at home during the day? If not, who will take care of the puppy
when you are gone?

3.On average how many hours will you leave your puppy home alone?

4.Where will the puppy stay during the day?  
During the night?  
When you are gone?

5.Are you willing to thoroughly puppy proof your home?  such as keep
poisonous plants, electrical cords, cat food, shoes, children's toys out of
puppy's reach?

6.Do you have a fenced yard?  
Can a tiny puppy dig under?

7.Did you know the # cause of death in dogs is getting hit by a car?

8.Is your yard clear of dangerous plants, pesticides, slug bait, etc?


10.Is your lifestyle to busy to provide time and energy to properly train and
care for a Bichon?

11.The life span of a Bichon is 15-18 years are you able to commit to caring
for the dog for its entire lifetime even if unexpected things happen such as
relocating for a new job, divorce, canine behavior problems, expensive vet

12.Have you read any books on Bichon Frises, dog care or training?

13.Are you aware that this breed requires grooming every 4-8 weeks, costing
approximately $250.00 a year?

14.Who will watch your dog if you have to go out of town of on vacation?

15.Have you considered the expense of routine vet care, immunizations,
neuter/spay, monthly flea prevention, pet food,boarding and pet setting fees
while on vacation.  
Unexpected emergency vet care etc?

16.Can you commit to combing your bichon's hair every other day?  

17.What do you like best about Bichon Frises?  

18.What do you like least about Bichon Frises?

19.Describe your method of training a dog.

20. Do you feel capable of meeting a young puppy's needs?               
Do you have the time needed by a young dog?

21. Have you owned a Bichon Frise or other dogs before?
What happened to them?

22. Have you ever given a dog to a shelter or pound for disposal?  
Have you ever had a negative experience with a dog?

23. How much time will you spend with the puppy each day?

24.Describe an ideal day with your Bichon Frise.  

25. What are the ages of children in your household?

26. Is any family member allergic to animals?

27. Does any member of the family have special needs?  

28.What are the ages, gender and breeds of other dogs in your household?

29.  Have you made a commitment to another breeder or put a deposit on a
puppy or litter with another breeder?  

30. Where will your Bichon sleep at night? Bichons love to sleep with their
humans... would you want your Bichon to sleep with you if he/she was
overnight potty trained?

31.Do you have a gender preference or is either gender good with you?

32. Have you read a sample of my health guarantee and the Spay/Neuter
Contract on my web site at at the bottom of the
Reservation page and do you understand that if you purchase one of our
Bichons, you are required to have it spayed or neutered at or before the age
of six months?

Additional Comments:


If you have any questions in regards to when fees
are due please email me or give me a call.

-Our Guarantee The following is a sample of our written Limited
Registration-Pet Quality Puppy Contract/Health Guarantee. Actual paperwork
includes the AKC or CKC Registered Names and Numbers of both Sire and
Dam, The Puppy's AKC or CKC  Registration Number, Date of Birth, Sex, and
understands that puppy has been sold to Buyer by Seller as "Pet quality" and
with a "limited registration". Pet quality shall be understood to mean that
Puppy may have disqualifying cosmetic faults as defined in the AKC Bichon
Frise Standard. Limited registration shall be understood to mean that future
litters produced by the puppy are not eligible for AKC/CKC registration. The
Puppy is eligible to compete in all AKC or CKC-Licensed events except breed
competition. HEALTH GUARANTEE I.) Seller guarantees that Puppy is in good
health at the time of sale and has received appropriate medical inoculations
and care including parvo inoculations and worming. Seller will provide Buyer
with a medical chart detailing treatment Puppy has received under Seller's
care and future care Seller feels is essential to Puppy's well being. II.) Seller
guarantees that Puppy is free of life threatening genetic diseases or
disabilities for 72 hours after delivery to Buyer. To validate this guarantee.
Buyer must have the puppy examined by a licensed Veterinarian within 72
hours of acquiring the puppy. Should the Buyer neglect to take the puppy for
this exam, the Buyer will accept immediate and full responsibility for its
health. All vet bills are the responsibility of the Buyer. Should any life
threatening genetic diseases or disabilities be discovered during this exam,
they must be attested to in writing to Seller by Buyer's licensed veterinarian
and puppy must be returned to Seller within the 72 hour guaranteed period at
the Buyers expense. Seller will then provide Buyer with a replacement pet
quality puppy as soon as such a puppy is available to Seller, or refund 100%
of purchase price. No exchange will be made after the 72 hour guaranteed
period. GENERAL I.)Seller shall not be held responsible for any acts of the
Puppy. Seller assumes no responsibility for this puppy after leaving the
premises. Seller assumes no responsibility for medical expenses, mortality,
Landlord's disapproval, allergy to animal, disagreement of family, etc. All sales
are final. II.)Buyer agrees to exercise normal care in maintaining puppy's
health. Routine preventive care includes the following: Annual physical
examinations by a licensed veterinarian, Annual vaccinations. Annual fecal
examinations, Annual screening test for heartworm detection and rabies
vaccinations as mandated by buyer's state of residence. III.)Seller makes no
guarantee as to the adult size, color or quality of puppy. IV.)It is further
understood and agreed that no warranty or representation has been made
with respect to the sold puppy except as set forth in writing in this agreement.

All puppies are sold on LIMITED REGISTRATION only. Our puppies are not for
sale to breeders or to anyone who doesn't plan to spay or neuter their puppy
at six months of age.

We do take reservations for puppies before they are born.  To reserve, please
contact me by telephone or email. (931) 537-3703.  Please send along your
name, address,  telephone number and gender preference.

We may not always have a puppy for you when you are looking to purchase,
but we can  put you on our waiting list.  We have no way of knowing what
each litter will produce until the time comes.  Being on the list does not
require you to purchase a puppy from us, but serves to let you be notified
before the litter is advertised.

Our puppies come with a written health guarantee and have received
appropriate medical inoculations including parvo inoculations and worming
before going to their new homes.

Our Spay / Neuter Contract:
The following is a sample of our Spay/Neuter contract:

The following agreement is between  Bonnie Clinton (breeder), hereafter
referred to as "Seller", and ______________,hereafter referred to as
In consideration of a purchase price of $  _________. of which one-hundred
dollars ($200.00) is a nonrefundable deposit, the Seller transfers all rights in
fee simple determinable, privileges and responsibilities associated with the
ownership of the female/male puppy of the Bichon Frise breed to Purchaser
as of the date and time specified below with the following conditions
COLOR: ____________________________ SEX______________
LITTER REG. NO.: ______________ DOB: _____________
MARKINGS: ____________________________________________________
SIRE: ____________________________
SIRE'S  REG. NO.: ________________
DAM: ____________________________
DAM'S  REG. NO.: ______________
Purchaser agrees to neuter/spay the puppy before it reaches one year of age
. Purchaser agrees to supply Seller with a veterinarian's letter by certified mail
as proof of a neuter/spay. If Purchaser fails to neuter/spay this puppy and
provide proof to the Seller by one year of age, rights and ownership of the
dog will automatically terminate and revert back to Seller who may
immediately assume possession of the dog. Seller's reasonable attorney's
fees for recovery of the dog will be paid by the Purchaser. It is understood by
all parties to this agreement that this puppy of the above specified description
is of pet quality. Purchaser acknowledges and agrees that this puppy will be
registered by limited registration. In the event that the Purchaser does not
have the puppy properly neutered/spayed, any offspring issuing from this
pet-quality puppy are not eligible for registration with the ABC, AIBC, AKC,

When to spay/neuter: Generally this should be done when the
puppy has reached at least 5-6 months for a female and 6-8 months for a
male. The older the dog, the more able it will be to withstand the anesthesia.
There is no need to wait for a female to have her first heat cycle before she is
spayed. In fact, you can avoid the problems associated with estrus by spaying
her before it occurs. There is also no need to wait for the male to become
sexually mature.

Why spay/neuter: Fixing your dog prevents pregnancy and the birth
of unwanted puppies. It avoids the need to restrain the dog during estrus.  It
reduces the tendency of male dogs to urinate in the house, marking his
territory.  Additionally, it avoids reproductive-related problems such as
tumors, pyometra, false pregnancy, prostate infections, and old-age cancers.

Why should this dog be spayed/neutered? Any puppy sold as a pet should not
be bred. This is simply for the improvement and maintenance of the breeding
line for Bichon Frises. Breeders have striven for years to select and perfect
the temperament and conformation of Bichon Frises.

They are bred not only for their companionship, but their beauty and
intelligence . Dogs are eligible for a breeding program only if they are able to
reproduce either their own quality or better quality in each successive

Breeding is not to be done casually nor is it a money-making venture.  It is
very time consuming and energy demanding. By demanding that this
pet-quality puppy be neutered/spayed, it avoids mass-production of average
quality Bichon Frises, controls the already overblown dog population, and
improves the overall fitness of the purebred line.

This does not mean that this puppy is an inferior dog. This puppy is as
capable as any of its littermates of becoming a lovable, well-trained, and
perfectly happy dog. This puppy  is better suited for pet placement as a
household pet.   

Given the proper amount of love and attention, nothing should prevent this
puppy from becoming an excellent companion and family member.

We the undersigned have read, understood and agree with the terms of this

Date and Time of Signature




Witness to the Agreement

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