Our family has been raising
healthy beautiful,  Bichon
Frises for eight years now.
We've placed all of our
babies in the BEST of
homes all across America!  
From California to Maine,
from Wisconsin to Texas,
from New York - Lousianna.
Our bichons are everywhere
in homes across this country!
we've never sold to a pet
store and NEVER WILL!!  

We're very selective about
where our babies go to live,
which in turn means that
they are living the best lives
that little doggies can live.  
That is most important to us!

We are located in the
beautiful countryside  on
Buck Mountain in
is located
between Knoxville
and Nashville..off
Interatate 40.

This being our home makes
it the perfect place for our
puppies to start their lives
with plenty of fresh air,and
sunshine along with lots of  
tender love and care.

We  are hobby breeders
and  do not have a kennel.  
Our dogs are our family
pets, and are raised in a
clean, healthy, loving
environment,our home.

We  only place our puppies
with people who agree to
spay or neuter their pet and
only with families who have
the time to give our dogs
lots of love and attention.
Registrations are not given
until the puppy has been

Our puppies are well
socialized and pre-spoiled  
right from the start.
If you have any doubts
about us or our bichons; you
are welcomed to read our
"Bichon Mail".  References
are also available upon

Dear Bonnie and Jim,
Thank you so much for having us at
your house.  It is such a loving
home.   I love to be in people's
homes who treat their animals like
one of the family.  and look at how
large your family is.  You can tell
your dogs are loved and well
treated. A home is not a home
without a Bichon.
You were right all the puppies are
beautiful and I am very happy
with pinky and blue girl.
Now I will be counting the days
until we get to pick our babies
I hope we didn't wear them out. I
really loved those puppy kisses.  
It was like heaven to be around all
those Bichons and they were so
well behaved.
Your friend,
Carol Ann
Knoxville, TN
Awards For Sassy & Scooby's
Girl, Precious.  It's all in the
Tonight was Precious' last night at
Puppy Kindergarten.  It was a fun
night and I did not have my
camera with me (I am kicking
myself for it).  They did contests
tonight to see how well they did
the following tasks:
Sit (who would sit and stay in the
sit position)
Down (who would do down and stay
Stay  (who would stay while owner
walks away and around the dog)
Push ups (sit and down real quick)
who could do the most
Look (who could look their owner
in the eye on "look" command and
stare the longest)
Heel ( walk with owner while
owner held an egg on a spoon, and
walked the fastest to reach the
other side of the gym),Come (who
could run to their owner the
So, Ms. Precious won every event
except for "Come" she was a
couple seconds under with her
timing so she made second place.

Yippee, she got a yummy biscuit
for each win and a squeaky toy,
and a frisbee.

The adults got as much junk food
as we wanted and drinks.


She starts her next level of
training next week, a bit more
We got home safe and sound with
our precious cargo.  They slept all
way home.  We played with them
and fed them and they drank
water.  At 10:00 I put them in
their crate with a blanket and
they slept until
6:30 a.m. They didn't cry at all.  
You really have trained them well.
They always go on their piddle
pads. thank you for getting them
trained.  I'm loving every minute
of it!
talk to you later,
Carol Ann
Knoxville, Tn
Chantilly did so good last night.  
Today she has played with the kids
and she
is such a hoot.  She has won me
over hook, line, and sinker and as
far as Rich...well it won't take a
week.  He was already playing
with her on the bed last night.  
I'm so thankful we found you and
thanks for
raising such good puppies.
Florence, Alabama
We had a good ride home.  Both
puppies had no problems with the
ride.  Even though I got two
crates, they insist on sharing one.  
They already have distinct
personalities.  Baxter is the
explorer  and the lover.  Bailey is
more laid back and slower to
cuddle, but when He decides to
give kisses he puts his all into it.
Sandy & Dick
Batavia, Ohio
Hi Bonnie,
It was great to finally meet you
and Jim, too.  
Bella was just perfect on the long
ride home.  She did not get sick,
and went potty each time we
stopped.  In fact, she’s been doing
great with pottying outside.  She
did miss Maggie and her brothers
and sisters last night.  She
whimpered a few times, but I
think it had a lot to do with all the
changes and the long trip home.  It
may also have been due to the fact
that she had to go to the
bathroom.  Each time she
whimpered, we took her outside
and she went potty.  The kids have
been having so much fun with her,
and I think Bella enjoys escaping
to her crate for a little R&R from
the kids.  She’ll have more quiet
time once the kids get back to
school tomorrow.
Bella loves playing outside in the
yard, and she adores Mark.  She
and Mark are best buds.  I do
have a question, though.  She doesn’
t seem to eat too much.  She seems
to snack.  I’m getting paranoid
that she’s not eating enough.  Is
this normal?  She is going to the
vet tomorrow afternoon, so I’ll let
you know how that goes, too.  
We are so in love with our little
Bella.  We’ve only had her for a
day, but we can’t imagine our lives
without her!
Mark is going to download some
photos tonight and we’ll send them
to you in another email.  
Talk to you soon,
Lexington, KY
Hi Bonnie,
Just thought you might like to
know about Bella’s visit to the
vet.  She was so good, and the vet
was really impressed with how
good she looks and how healthy she
is.  He said it’s so obvious that she
was bred by and raised by a
responsible person who cares and
loves Bichons.  He also commented
on how clean her ears were!
She’s eating more today, and has
started to feel more at home.  
Sophia just can’t wait to get home
from school to play with Bella and
Jack enjoys all the time he has
with her one on one.  As for Mark
and me, we love her too, but we
are a little exhausted.  Ah, to be
new parents yet again.
I’ve attached some new photos of
Bella.  I’ll keep in touch with you
and send you some new photos so
you can keep track of how she’s
growing.  The vet also mentioned
about getting Bella “fixed” around
5-6 months of age, so I’ll be sure
to send you the paperwork once
we get that done.  
Thanks again for a wonderful
Talk to you soon,
Elly J
Lexington, KY

Hi, Sassie is doing good, she has
captured our hearts & runs the
household. She is almost house
broken, uses the paper sometimes.
mosty goes outside. she weights 6.1
lbs & her shots are all up to date
& we have found a very nice vet,
but when we go visit anyone we
take her with us . I have a a carry
pouch for doggies & she loves to go
with us to Lowes etc, & its amazing
how people respond to it , some
smile & others think I'm crazy
from the looks I get, but the kids
all want to pet her. Needless to
say she is spoiled & well loved. will
send pictures soon.  have a nice
day. Nan
North Carolina
Subject: Re: Bichons by Bonnibons
I purchased my beautiful baby
from Bonnie in December 2003.  
His name is "Treasure" and he is
just perfect.  Treasure is happy,
healthy and has a cheerful playful
nature.  He has a very bossy and
strong personalty when other dogs
are in his presence.  He's a little
leader, not a shy and scary little
guy.  On his initial Vet visit at
nine weeks old, the doctor
commented on his beautiful coat.  
He is now approximately eight
months old and he's one beautiful

The purchasing experience was
very positive.  Prior to the
puppies being born, I received
periodic updates from Bonnie on
the condition of their mom.  Once
the babies arrived, Bonnie would
email photos and information on
how they were progessing.  I
thought that was great, I was like
a new mom and it made the wait of
my new baby arriving home less

Prior to the puppies being
released, Bonnie provided tons of
info on caring for the puppies,
everything from feeding to their
ear maintance.

I have no complaints in regards to
my purchasing experience and my
"Pretty Boy" is a Treasure!
I love talking about Treasure - so
I better end it now.  I hope I have
been helpful.
Homewood, Illinois

"We love our girl very much, she
is a big part of our family now".
"My grandaughter gets off the
school bus at our house in the
evening, and Cadiz watches for her
at the window for thirty minutes
before the bus gets here, with her
ears moving up and down, and
meets her at the door."  I could be
all day telling you what our Bichon
means to us."
--- Jean of Lexington, Ky.
Hi, we want you to know that
Sassy is training us her way.  We
enjoy her so much.. she is my
shadow.  I have spoiled her rotten,
not that she wasn't spoiled
already!!  I'm in the process of
taking pictures and as soon as I
take them all up I'll get you
pictures on the way.  she weighs
9lbs now and sits up for her
treats and of course she sleeps
with us.  She wakes us up by
licking our faces and if that
doesn't work she lays across my
neck.  she is doing great.  Thank
you again for Sassy.
-Nan & Val
- Sanford, North Carolina

*HHi, Bonnie
I just wanted to let you know that
Maggie is doing just wonderful.  
She is so easy to train.  She hasn't
messed in the house once.  Of
course I take her outside about
every two hours.  However, we
think that is just wonderful of her
to know not to doodle in the
house.  We love her so much
already.  It's like she has been
here forever.  

She sleeps in bed with us all
cuddled against me or my
husband.  She is eating good and
loves to play and romp around.  
Thank you so much for entrusting
me with her upbringing and care.
I love her so very much.
- Kay  
Garner, NC
Hi, just wanted to tell you how
Curly is doing these days.  He
plays with everyone but as soon as
he sees me go outside or sees that
I am missing he runs over the
whole house looking for me and
then comes to the door and cries.  
He loves my brother and lies next
to him so that he can scratch  his
tummy.  He's doing great with
pottying.  If he wants to wake me
up, he does so by licking me and
walking over me.  He just loves to
play with my husband too.  He
jumps on him and licks and kisses
him.  We just love our little baby.  
He is so adorable.  He is the best.  
Now I don't know what I would do
without him.
Houston, Texas
***************************** hey,
We are all doing very well.  Scamp
and I went to a dog training class..
He is so very smart.  I think the
training was for me.  
We learned how to sit, stay,wait,
down, down stay  and now I know a
little bit more about dogs.  His
boo-boo from his neutering has
healed and he is doing just great!
-Cleveland, Tn
Hello Bonnie,
We have fallen in love with our
"Bogie Boy" I never thought we
would feel the way we do about a
dog.  He is part of our family and
we treat him like one of the
family. He sleeps with us and goes
almost everywhere we do.
We are looking for another puppy,
if you have any or know where we
could get one, we would greatly
appreciate it.  We would love to
have another and also give Bogie a
companion.  Please let me know if
you have any puppies available.  
Hope to hear from you soon.
- Jennifer
- Marietta, Ohio

Hi, Bonnie
i just wanted to let you know how
curly is doing.  he is my little
baby, we have spoiled him so
much.  we love him and he loves us.
he likes to come and lie next to me
on his back so that i can scratch
his tummy. In the morning when he
wakes up he streches and plays
with my husband and I.  I dont
know what I would do without
Curly. He is adorable. He's
sleeping right now.  He's up to
date on his shots and on the 8th we
are taking him to the vet to have
him neutered and to get his shots
again.  As soon as I have new pics
I will email you some.
-Besima and Curly
Houston, Tx.
Hi Bonnie,
Bailey is wonderful.  He is so
enjoyable.  We just got back from
the Vet and he is doing fine.   He
is really a very good dog and just
loves attention.  Well we have a
lot of that to give to him.  He
loves to follow us where ever we
walk and so is always underfoot.  
He spent the first night in his
kennel but we really would like to
train him away from the kennel
and more to the little bed we have
for him.  It doesn't bother us to
have him get on the sofa or bed.  
We take him out often and he
loves to walk.  We have a small
town park with the little pond,
ducks geese etc.  He loves to walk
around the park with us.  He
didn't take to the grass as well as
he likes to walk on the trail.  He is
very well behaved.  He and the cat
get along very well but I was on
the phone this PM and they got
into a bit of a fracas.  None is the
worst from it.   Needless to say
we are very delighted with this
little guy.  Thank you for the
years of joy we will have with this
marvelous little "Bailey".  He has
stolen our hearts and fits right in.
Meadow Vista, California
Bailey is doing well. He is lots of
fun to watch.  We are spoiling him
a bit and letting him sleep with
us.   The other morning he saw
himself in the mirror and went
wild.  He barked and barked.  I
took him over to show him it was
just his reflection and he tensed
up and got a bit nervous.  Now he
barks at his reflection in the glass
windows, the glass in the fireplace
door etc.
I usually take him out to walk
around the yard every couple
hours,  We take walks down to the
end of the lane to get the paper or
down the road to get the mail.  He
loves going to the park.
He does like to chew on paper and
demands that we pet him and rub
his tummy.  He will just come over
and nudge us or push his little
head under our hands.  He is quite
a sweet little guy.  He and the cat
do not get a long right now.  The
cat has jumped him a few times
and so we have the cat out.
Enough for now, I hope I haven't
bored you silly.  He is a fine little
Meadow Vista, Ca.
Hi Bonnie,
Just wanted you to know that our
little Frodo is doing really good.
In fact, his pottying manners are
really improving and has not had
an accident in a couple of days. He
is sleeping all through the night
and getting up around 6:00am
when John is getting ready for
work. I let him out of his crate
then and afterwards he lays with
me trying to lick my face and goes
back to sleep. We get up around 8-
8:30 when the kids wake up.
He is such a sweet heart. We went
to a puppy class at our
veterinarians office and we got to
meet many other puppies, get some
information on basic puppy needs
and a tour of the hospital. Frodo
made a little friend while we were
there. She was a Brussels Griffon
and quite gorgeous. I could see his
attraction. It was fun and we
received some basic training tips
which I have already begun to use.
And in a few months Christian and
I will be taking him to obedience
class there, as well.
Frodo is definitely a hit with
everyone he meets and I am sure
he is going to grow up into a
charming little man. Maggie and
Scooby make wonderful, beautiful
Frodo goes for a second round of
shots on Monday and Friday he
goes for his first puppy grooming!
I am sure he will love Bets. She is
a very nice lady she is really
looking forward to meeting him.
Well, I guess that is all for now. I
will keep you updated and send out
some more pictures soon. And
definitely send some after he is
Bye for now,
Kingston, Tn
Hi, Bonnie!  Neil and the kids had
a great trip back home with Rudy
--he is so adorable!!   Neil said he
gave your name and e-mail address
to two different people they met
on the way home who just fell in
love with our baby boy. He seems
to be liking his new home very
much and he loves being the center
of attention, though he kept most
of us up during the night.  
Hopefully he'll settle in to a good
sleep schedule before too long.   
Rudy really loves to play in our
back yard; he wears himself out
and then crashes on his blankie.  
We'll call Dr. Violet in the
morning to make an appointment
for his shots; thanks for his
records!  I'm sure we'll be back
to you with questions, but for now
we are just loving him up!   Thanks
for everything!  --Mary
Hi Bonnie,
Just wanted to give you a quick
update on Miss Sadie.  Everyday
we love her more and more.  She
loves the beach and is an excellent
traveler.  In fact, she's in the car
before anyone else.  She had her
surgery about six weeks ago and
did fine.  Glad to get that behind
us, but it would have been cool to
have some "Little Sadie's"  :-)   I
need to get more pictures of her
to you;  I'll work on that over the

If you know of anyone with
another adult for adoption, let me
know.  Our neighbor just loves
Sadie and is always asking us if
she can come over to visit (you
know Sadie hates all of the
attention)!!!!  She is interested in
getting one for herself.  She'd
like one just like Sadie.  I said
forget it, they broke the mold
when they made her. So if you
have any ideas, let me know if you

Thanks for that wonderful little
addition to our family.  How did
we ever live without her???  Take
care and I know......give Sadie
kisses from you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

West Virgina
Hi Bonnie,
Everything is going great and we
love the little guy. He sure likes to
where you are at all times. The
only messes he has made in the
house has
really been our fault- we were so
impressed. He is like our child.
is the first day we have left him
alone and I am so depressed. We
bought him a crate and Keith is
going at lunch to let him out to
potty and
play. We tested it last night and I
just cried because he whined so
Bruce loves to sleep a lot. I love it
because he just wants to cuddle up
next to you with his head on your
neck. Anyway, the vet appointment
out great. He had his eight week
shots and the worming. He goes
back in
4-6 weeks and they are going to
neuter him. He weighed 6.1 lbs.
but I
swear that it is all hair. He is
going to get his first bath
Saturday and I
am wondering how that is going to
turn out! I can see how it is hard to
correct them because they are so
loveable. We are already wanting
Talk to you soon
Crysti & Bruce
West Virgina

Hi Bonnie,
Dixie has arrived!!! She is so cute,
and she is so funny. Lauren loves
her, she woke up last night when
they got here and she couldn't get
enough of her. Our dog Daisy and
her are getting used to each other,
it's so funny because Dixie looks
at Daisy like she is SO BIG!
Thank you Bonnie, we love her
already. We will keep you posted
on how she is doing and send
Just wanted to let you know  
Donna decided on "Gracie" rather
than "Maisie".....
says it was the Grace of God that
brought her to us....
She had a great weekend and has
already become a "star" in the
When my family was over for
dinner yesterday, she even
demonstrated "the bichon blitz".
Nashville, Tn
Thought we would let you know
Barney is doing really
well.  He has grown so much.  
We're working on potty training.  
Its hard with the weather being so
cold.  He doesn't like going out.
We will send you some pictures as
soon as we can.  Just wanted you
to know he is doing fine.  Be
talking to you soon.
Kingsport, Tn
I just downloaded almost every
photo from webshots of yours!
That is the cutest bunch of bichon
pics ever! You are awesome!
I just adopted 2 bichons from the
humane society in Wa. state.
I never knew the puppy mill
problem is so widespread. Thank
God you are an actual outstanding
breeder. I can tell by the love in
the pictures. If anyone asks me
for a good breeder,I will send
them to you.     
Forever in love with my
bichons.                      Linda,
Marley and Lola
Wa. State
Hello Bonnie.  we love our little
Daisy.  she is scheduled to get
spayed on Thursday.  i will e-mail
you the paperwork.  she is too
cute.  Dave really wants another
one so we may be looking for
another in the spring.  Daisy
weighs about 12lbs.
Here are some pics of her.
New Jersey
Hi, Bonnie!
Bella is all of a whopping 4.7 lbs.  
She is learning all sorts of fun
tricks and is great at the “come”
and “sit” commands.  She’s learning
how to do “shake”, and we’re
working on the “down” commands,
too.  She’s really very smart.  She’
ll be going to her first puppy
obedience class next week and will
meet lots of new puppy friends.  
We just love her so much Bonnie!  
Don’t be surprised if we call you
for another one!

Speaking of another puppy.  My
vet asked me all about you and
said he has a friend who just lost
their dog.  Their cocker spaniel, I
think, just died and they wanted to
get another dog, and he thought
the Bichon would be perfect for
them.  He also thinks Bella’s such a
cutie and we highly recommended
you to him, so if it’s okay with you,
I’m going to give him your
number/email.  He said he doesn’t
know if his friends are ready for
a puppy just yet, but I did tell
him that you were expecting a
litter around Christmas, right?  
We are going to a Halloween party
this weekend.  Sophia is going to
be Dorothy from Wizard of Oz
and Bella is going to be Toto.  I
will definitely send you some
Hugs to Maggie and Scoooby…let
them know their baby Bella is
doing great!
Elly J
Just wanted to let you know  
Donna decided on "Gracie" rather
than "Maisie".....
says it was the Grace of God that
brought her to us....  
Gracie had a great weekend and
has already become a "star" in the
When my family was over for
dinner yesterday, she even
demonstrated "the bichon buzz".
She is doing well, and has not been
a minutes trouble.
We love her!
Nashville, Tn
Oh she's rowdy.... no doubt..! but
she'll need that spunk to deal with
all the dogs in this family...
and I can handle a little toe biting
from time to time... it's worth it to
see how cute she is when she wears
herself down and does her little
"back flop" into her blanket... her
way of saying " Okay I'm a little
tired now... one of you others are
gonna have to aggravate the food
people"  lol....
she is a doll....  and she was meant
to be here.  
Merry Christmas to you and yours,
Nashville, Tn
Hey Bonnie!
Well, Holly is our little girls name!
Everyone agreed that it was the
perfect name for the perfect
Christmas present and the kids
decided she needed a middle name,
so snowflake it is! I had wrapped
a big box and Mike and I wore
Santa hats and when Kelly and
Sean came in, looking at us like we
lost our minds, we told them a
special delivery had arrived for
them and they walked over to the
box and Kelly looked inside and
there was no reaction for about 5
secs and then she screamed "It's a
puppy"! and jumped up and down
for about 3 minutes, screaming
"It's a puppy, it's a puppy"! What
a great surprise. We weren't sure
how Sean would take to her, he
never really did want a dog, but
after the initial shock wore off
and he held her, he was smitten
too!!! I am so relieved to finally
have it over with, the suspense was
killing me! I have been taking some
great pictures so I will send you
some as soon as I get them printed.

Our first night was unbelieveable!
Kelly and I went ahead and slept
with her even though I was a little
nervous about it, but we put down
a pad and a towel and sure enough,
no accidents! She kept snuggling
back and forth between the two
of us. She is the sweetest little
thing ever! We are loving her, she
is absolutely gorgeous! But you
already knew that!!! I can't get
over what a little cuddler she is,
and as expected, she has become
my husbands best buddy!  
I made an appt. to take her to the
vet on Monday, Mike said she
would be ready for her next round
of shots by then.   
We are going to take the kids to
PetSmart today to go buy her
some things to chew on and some
Well, thanks again, it has been a
pleasure doing business with you
and we just love Holly!  
Have a great weekend!
Franklin, Tn

Bella’s doing great.  We bought
her a Christmas stocking, and I
just finished personalizing it for
her.  Her stocking is just as big as
all of ours, which is good,
considering she already has a ton
of Christmas presents and
stocking stuffers!
Have a wonderful Christmas!
Elly Giuffre
Lexington, Ky
Well this Precious is way too
snuggly she just trots around
after me and then attempts to
climb up my leg, with those puppy
dog eyes saying "pick me up".  She
is really being a good girl.
She had her first vet visit this
morning and everything checked
out good.   
Well I am cooking chili now while
she is sleeping, beause when she
wakes she wants to have my
attention (and I love it).  I took
her to the grocery store in my
purse carrier, she was perfect!
Talk to you later,
Katy, Texas
Hi Bonnie,
Thought you’d enjoy these photos
of Bella.  I took these right after
she came home from the groomer’
s.  You can’t see them very well,
but she had two yellow bows (one
above each ear).  She looks so
fluffy, doesn’t she?  I had to
include the photo of Sophia and
Bella because they both had bows
in their hair!  
Sophia and Bella have become best
buddies.  When Sophia gets home
from school, Bella gets so excited
and Sophia rushes over and scoops
her up.  Sophia’s also gotten very
responsible with Bella.  She takes
her out and helps with grooming
duties, too.  Jack loves Bella, too,
but he just doesn’t leave her
alone.  He gets her all worked up
so she’s running round “blitzing”
all over the house and not eating.  
I think Bella loves it, but I on the
other hand would rather see Miss
Bella eating and have my two little
ones playing “calmly.”
We’re going back to NY for
Thanksgiving.  We’re driving, and
yes, Miss Bella is coming with us.  
We can’t wait to show her off to
everyone and have her do all her
newly learned tricks!  We just
love her so!
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving
with your family!
***Precious starts Puppy
Kindegarten in January, Yeah, that
will be funny.  Actually she is
very smart, she loves to play with
me and fetch, but she forgets to
bring it back!   The other thing
she is good at is the crazy 8. She
can zip in and out of my legs with
a perfect 8 while following the
ball on rope I bought her.  The
other thing is she will sit on the
ground and I'll walk off for a
way's and then I turn around and
face her, squat and clap calling
her name and she runs so fast, her
little ears flapping in the wind!    
Okay one other thing, I think I
remember seeing this in one of
your Bichon's.....Precious sits or
stands and lifts one paw up, like
she is posing or something.  I
thought she was injured, but she
switches front paws.  Is that
something they do?
Talk to ya later,
Katy, Texas
Hey Bonnie,
Just wanted you to know that
Frodo is doing good. Had more
puppy shots and goes to the
groomer on Friday. I have been
brushing and combing him every
day so he is definitely used to
that. He does not like it but is
I have to tell you that we have
such a sweet little boy. He is in my
lap right now where he is most of
the time while I am on the
computer. When I am gone for a
couple of hours and get home he
just can not let me out of his sight!
Hello, Bonnie.  We love our little
Daisy.  she is scheduled to get
spayed on Thursday.  I will e-mail
you the paperwork.  she is too
cute.  Dave really wants another
one so we may be looking for
another in the spring.  She weighs
about 12 lbs. here are some pics
of her.
Hi Bonnie,
Bella just got home today from the
vet.  She was spayed yesterday,
and is doing well.  It was so sad to
leave her with the vet overnight;  
the house felt so empty without
our little white fluffball running
around.  We really  missed her
last night, but she’s back and we’re
spoiling her rotten.  
I’m taking her back next week to
have her stitches removed.  I just
wanted to find out exactly what
you needed from the vet so I can
get it to you after Bella sees the
vet again next week.
I’ll be sure to send some new
photos soon.  Have a wonderful
Hey Bonnie,
Just writing to update you on our
little boy. He is really doing
great. He had his second set of
shots last week and those went
OK. He really felt bad afterward
and had a swollen knot on his side.
The poor little thing could not
hardly be touched for the next
day! But he was back to his
cheerful self after a day or so.
Because we went to the vet on
Wednesday and he was feeling so
rough I decided to reschedule his
grooming appt. She did not have
anything open for another few
weeks so on the 15th of October
he will have his first grooming. In
the mean time I have trimmed a
little around his eyes and bottom
and I have cleaned on his ears.
I let him outside for the first time
a couple of days ago. I think it
really overwhelmed him. Frodo
started shaking and jumped up on
my leg to be picked back up! Ever
since I have carried him outside
with me when I take Wilson out to
do his business. And when I do not
take Frodo out he will stand up on
his back legs to look out the
screen door when Willie goes out.
We are having fun with Frodo and
he seems to be enjoying his new
Today Frodo had his final puppy
shots & rabies vaccine and is good
to go for the next year. The only
thing left is for him to be
neutered and we will do that after
Christmas. The vet looked at his
gums today and said that they
looked great. The vet also said she
did not think that he would get
much more than 10 lbs if he got
that big! He weighed  8 lbs today.
There was a lady there who just
loved him and even walked out with
us so that she could see him longer.
She went on and on about his
beautiful face and how he looked
like a baby fur seal. She had a toy
Thank you so much for all that you
have done for us. We love our
little boy and Wilson just loves
having a brother. Frodo thinks
that he is just as big as Wilson. So
does Wilson. Those two play so
good but sometimes I wonder if
Frodo is getting too rough with
Talk Soon,
Kingston, Tn

Precious has adapted very well to
her new home.  She is a bundle of
joy!  When I take her on an outing
I don't get much accomplished
because everyone oohs and aaahs
over her.  Tim woke up with her
this morning and took her out to
Home Depot, and running errands.  
Tim went out and bought her a new
teddy bear, and our neighbors
bought her a christmas gift, that
she opened herself!  Last night we
went to a Christmas party and
there were eight people total
there and we brought her playpen
and her crate and she just loved
it.  She met two Datsuns and they
sniffed at each other and did well
together.  I have been to the mall
with her and all kinds of Christmas
shopping with her, she loves going
bye-bye!  Oh, we eat out at Panera
a lot with her because they have
outside seating and she loves going
along with the girls!
Talk to you later,
Barbie, Tim, & Precious
Katy, Texas
p.s she barked for the first time
yesterday, I freaked, I was like
aaaaah it sounded so cute.
Well, Frodo is quite the curly lap
dog these days! This rain has
definitely changed his appearance.
John and I agree that he has got
to be the cutest little dog on the
face of this planet! Christian
asked this morning what happened
to his fur! And after I comb him
he poofs out! My how that thing
makes me laugh. I loved all of the
pages in our book but the one of
Christian and Fro-Baby on the
bed, Radio-Flyin and the family
page were all a few of my faves. I
just loved those bone and paw
Well, it is getting late. I just
wanted to drop a few lines. I have
more pictures and I will send them
out soon. Bye for now,
Kingston, Tn
Bonnie, thank you, thank you,
thank you for all that you have
done for us.
*It is
scrap book is just wonderful. I
knew I was going to be pleased
but you took that to a whole new
level! Thank you.
I sat down and looked at that
precious book with John and
Christian and what a wonderful
surprise! Rachel was in bed so she
will have to wait and see it
tomorrow. I did not tell John that
it was coming and he was thrilled
to see it! In fact, he and Christian
are looking at it again.
We love our dogs so much and
Frodo has been the final member
of our family. He has added so
much joy, humor and innocence to
our family. The children have a
constant friend and companion
with both of our dogs and when
the dogs are in need of some
canine companionship they have
each other. I knew that bringing
one more baby into the family was
the right thing to do!  
I can not wait to show my bichon
scrapbook off to everyone that I
see! Our boy is a mess and I can
not wait to send out some new
pictures of him.
I will write you later,

Merry Christmas!!!  Happy New
Year, too!!!   
Kiki is doing wonderfully!  She is
happy and perky and always ready
to share her love with us.  She is
so very precious.
I'll be sending you some photos,
hopefully tomorrow.
Enjoy this holiday season with
your loved ones!
Thanks for everything,
Dear Bonnie,
We just love our little pup so
much already and we’ve named him
Fideaux (French for Fido since he’
s a French dog).    
Thanks for your help.  He’s doing
GREAT and is potty training well.  
(And he sleeps with us at the foot
of the bed…I think he’s going to
be a spoiled one).
Take care and happy new year to
you and your family.
Knoxville, Tn
Thought we would let you know
Barney is doing really
well.  He has grown so much.  
We're working on potty training.  
Its hard with the weather being so
cold.  He doesn't like going out.
We will send you some pictures as
soon as we can.  Just wanted you
to know he is doing fine.  Be
talking to you soon.
Kingston, Tn

Hope you all had a good
Christmas.  We had a good one.
We really enjoyed our little
Barney.  He is so sweet and
loveable.  We took him for his
booster shot today and he had
gained 1lb. 4oz. in two weeks.  He
is a little butterball. He  met most
of our family during Christmas and
all love him.  We are sending you a
couple of pictures that was taken
during Christmas.  We will send
you more later.  Hope you all have
a very Happy New Year.
John and Linda
Kingston, Tn
Hi Bonnie,
Just wanted to let you know that
Zilly is doing great. He is a sweet,
guy, and I think he's feeling at
home with us. Thank you for
working with
him to go though the night without
having to go out -- I've been really
relieved about that!! He still does
not like sleeping alone in his crate,
so I've been sleeping next to him,
and that helps. My kids are
getting used
to being more calm around him, and
I can tell that he loves being with
Letty and I are taking him to get
his shots in about an hour -- can't
I'm looking forward to it, but
then he and I will have a few quiet
after, so I'm sure he'll be fine.
Again, thank you for getting him
off to a wonderful start for us --
Take care,
Atlanta, Ga.
Hi Bonnie,
I just wanted to check in with you
about our little darling. Lucky had
a great ride to her new home..no
problems at all.  She is very good
at going potty outside..and sleeps
well at night...we get up about
three times....she is also a great
alarm clock...6:00am and she is
ready to go!!!!  We have been
having great fun together..she
seems to be very happy ..she is
bouncing around and just soooo
cute.  Mike and I have taken alot
of pictures so we will be sending
some to you soon...  I hope to hear
from you soon.
Thanks so much for my little one,
Springhill, Tn
Treasure and Missy do love each
other very much, I'm happy I got
her. Treasure has always been
happy but now he is just
overjoyed.  Yesterday we were out
in the car, Treasure was sleeping
and Missy was laying on top of his
back asleep - I really needed my
camera for that moment.

Missy was born on 02/18/2004,
she's a few months younger than
Treasure, but he allows her to
beat him up all the time -she jumps
on his head and takes his  toys.  I
then realized he lets her get away
with it until he's had enough and
he bites her ears or swats her
with is paw.  They really get along
well - on occasion I will put them
in separate crates, if I let him out
and not her, he will stand there
and look at me all hyper until I
release her.
Missy is happy too!  I thought
when I initially got her home she
would cry or miss her other
mommy, she never once cried - I
observe her and it's like she
knows this is where she wants to
be.  From the moment she arrived
in our home  she fell in love with
Treasure and she was running in
the yard like crazy. I think those
people were not very nice to her,
her hair was all in patches and she
had clipper burns all over her
little body.
My hubby says, now she's a little
princess.  He took them to the
doggy park and naturally Mr.
Treasure takes off and right in
there with all the other dogs.  Ms.
Missy on the other hand, sat on his
lap and was looking at Treasure
and the other dogs as if to say
"look at them behaving like
heathens."  He said he put her
down and she looked over at all
those other little dogs and jumped
back into his lap -  she's a little
Ms. Queen.  
Homewood, Ill
What a joy our little guys are!  
They are absolutely the sweetest
things!  Had a wonderful trip home
- they slept most of the way, and
nobody got sick.  We were all
tired when we got back Saturday
night, and were in bed by 9:15 or
so - the babies whined at first
when we put them in the crate in
the bathroom adjoining our room,
with the baby gate up instead of
the door closed, but after about
fifteen minutes, quieted down and
went to sleep.  It took Owen only
2 minutes listening to the
whimpers before he said "I can't
listen to that, it's so sad! "  But
they stayed in the bathroom - he
now says he doesn't want them
sleeping in the bed because they
might fall off!  But I don't think
it will be too long!!  They are
eating well and were nice and
healthy at the vet yesterday.  
Caesar weighs 3 lb, 12 oz, and
Max is 4 lb. 11 oz.  They helped
me unload groceries last night -
what a hoot!!  And I found out
Caesar is scared of ice cubes -
what a wimp!!  And I could almost
swear that when we watched the
football game last night, Max was
watching, too!  How sweet!  We
have learned one thing, though, our
plan to have one sit/lay with me
and the other with Owen won't
work.  They won't be still or quiet
unless they are laying together, so
it's all for one and one for all!  
And Max has started giving
Caesar some of his own back - it's
fun to watch the two of them
tussle.  I can't wait to get home
tonight - it seems like forever
since I left home this morning!  
But Owen called at lunch and said
they were fine, he was home and
playing with them and taking care
of them - he's such a good daddy!  
I can't wait to get my scrapbook!!  
Thank goodness I got my new
digital camera - I'm getting lots
of cute pictures, but can't manage
to get any of the two of them
together (except asleep) because
they'd rather play than stay still -
I usually get one face and one
butt in the picture - or a face and
feet flying!

Wanted to thank you again for
everything you did for our little
guys.  It really takes a lot of love
and caring to do what you do, and
the results speak for themselves!!  
Must run now - still catching up
from my day off yesterday!
Take care!
Greensboro, N.C.

Our little boys aren't quite the
little angels they used to be!  
Owen came home yesterday to find
toilet paper all over the floor in
the downstairs bathroom!  And
last night we went out to eat and
see Christmas lights and when we
came home they had somehow
managed to close themselves up in
the bathroom with the door closed
and were whining and crying and
shaking.  They had gotten so upset
they tore all the newspapers and
potty pads up and dragged them
around the bathroom - it was a
mess!!!  Other than that,
everything going well with them.  
Paper training is going good - they
make the paper about 90% of the
time - and have had no accidents
on the carpet since last week!!  
Max comes easily when called -
Caesar hasn't quite got the hang of
it.  My parents and sister fell in
love with them when they were
here this past weekend - my
mother even got down on the
kitchen floor and played with
them!  And they like playing on the
front porch, although Max pushed
his head through the banister and
in trying to get it out he pushed
himself all the way through and
over into the azalea bushes!  What
a comical _expression that was
when he popped his head up again!!
Gotta run for now.  Have a good
Greensboro, N.C.
Hi Bonnie,
Bella is really spoiled rotten!  She
has to be a part of the group,
wherever we are.  God forbid she
can’t see us, she starts whining as
if to say, “hey, don’t forget me
guys!”  She’s doing great.  We have
a trainer that comes to our house
once a week to work with her on
obedience.  She does a perfect sit,
down, shake, twist, come, stay (we’
re still perfecting this one), and
up.  She’s really bright, and
catches on very quickly.  She still
gets really, really excited when
someone new comes to the house, so
I’ve been taking her everywhere
with me to get her more used to
people and to calm her down.  
Once the weather gets warmer, we’
ll be able to go for long walks,
which should also calm her down.  
I’ll be sure to send some new
photos soon.  Please give Maggie
and Scooby a big kiss from all of
us, especially from Bella!
Talk to you soon,
Hi Bonnie,
Dixie is doing great, she is the
cutest thing, I think she is more
my dog than Lauren's because I am
with her all day, so she follows me
everywhere!!!! She is so fiesty, she
attacks my dust mop when I dust
the floors (and she looks just like
it too!) A lot of people keep their
bichons hair short but we think
she is so adorable with long hair
that I don't think we are going to
cut it! It just takes a lot of
brushing (which of course she
loves!!!) I am going to take some
more pictures of her today and I
will try sending them again, I
don't know why I can't get those
pictures to you. Anyway, she is the
best, and she loves our Lab Daisy
and I don't think Daisy would
know what to do without her, it's
so funny to watch them together. I
will tell my mom-in-law about the
new litter, I know she loves Dixie,
she was just here for Christmas
and she was with her all the time.
Thanks for the update, and I'll
get those pics to you later today!
Sassie is a great little traveler &
the grandchildren lover her & she
them. She is asleep on the bed
beside me now & she is welled
loved. She walks on her hind legs &
gives every one she see's the
bichon wave. As you know we have
had her spade ,like you require,
and she is doing wonderful.
Right now Dolly and Daisy  are
being spayed.
The vet is going to call
me as soon as he is done.  I begged
him to put them in the same cage
together and I took their blanket
to put in the bottom of their
crate.  I also said "can I please
take them home tonight "
He said he always keeps the
females overnight after being
spayed.  He told me that he knew I
slept with them and would be with
them all night to watch them.  He
said he wouldn't let anyone
else take their pets home the first
night, but he knew I would stay
right with them.  He is so nice he
gave me a big hug and said he
would take very good care of
them.  He
has been my vet for
years and he knows how much I
love my pets.
Hi Bonnie,
Just wanted to give you an update
on Gracie. She is 8 lbs now and is
getting prettier everyday. She has
such a wonderful spirit!

And - SHE IS SMART !!!
Gina, - my sister that puppysits
every day ? She has really been
working with Gracie. She just
marvels at how quick she picks
things up.
Gina was dying to teach her some
tricks, .....
4 mos. old and she can do Sit,
Down, Shake, and Roll - and she is
working on speak
(She's having a bit of a block with
that one - I guess cause her little
mouth stays open a lot yapping at
Pooh! lol!!!)

Her vet checkup went well, and
she is on a schedule with her care
for shots, grooming, toothbrushing,
- and of course, she is already a
favorite at the vet!!

I'm sending some pics of her first
bath... she is so cool with it.

Bonnie she is such a Blessing.
Thank you again for everything.
Take care and may God Bless
Danny, Donna, "Gracie Gump", and
The Pooh Monster
I will send you the other Holiday
Picture( we had 2 made) and will
include a "Family Portrait" later.  
He is so spoiled any time John
goes out to the bank or post
office he has to go too.
They know him at the bank and he
climbs up in the deposit box and
a treat that they keep for him.  
The Postman gives him beef jerky
and if Louie
is not home he leaves one with the
mail for him.
John works out of our home so he
needs a lot of focus from 8am to 3
pm, Louie is so demanding for
attention that we have to put him
in doggie day care during most
weekdays.  He loves it!  He is the
peace maker and kisser and nurse-
dog all rolled into one.  The techs
all love him and he runs to meet
them in the morning and runs to
meet me in the afternoon.  He has
not had a single (pee or poop)
accident in the house since he has
been going.  When I get more
information on the next Bichon
Bash at Earlington KY I will
let you know about  it, in case you
are interested.  He has been to the
Outerbanks NC and to Telluride
CO(he flew to CO in the plane
with us and had a blast)  I will
send some vacation pictures too.  
Did you receive the
picture of Louie with my
grandaughter?  I thought I sent
that one too..  he
would have been 4-5  months old in
Must Run
Happy Valentines Day
PS Louie is getting a toy kitten
that walks nd "meows" for his
birthday on Fed 10(TOMORROW)
Love to all
Patricia Williams
Our dear little Bailey is thriving
and we love him more each day.  
He does however love to chew on
my books.  Perhaps he wants to be
a literary critic.  We have had a
lot of rain this year and so you
will often find Bailey in the
bathing sink as we clean him up
from all the red clay that he gets
on his beautiful white coat.  He is
so very good with getting bathed
and is good about letting us brush
and groom him.   He loves
affection and gets along
fabulously with the little
schnauzer "Barnum".  They
wouldn't know what to do with out
each other.  Barnum has grown
taller than Bailey but Bailey is
longer than Barnum.  They are our
joys.  I hope all  is well with you
and you wonderful dogs.
Meadow Vista, Ca.
Hi, Bonnie!  Rudy is great.  We all
love our new family member; he is
a cute, playful, mischevious little
boy who likes to chew furniture!!!  
But we're working on that.  He is a
neighborhood favorite too, and he
is trying to make friends with an
older, very dignified Westie on
the next block  ( I think the
Westie considers himself too
refined for our wild boy)-- so
cute to see!

We are sending you a few shots of
Barney going for a morning walk.
He really enjoys seeing the people
we run into while walking. He is so
much fun. Everyone loves him and
he loves
We went for a six mile walk a few
days ago, and Barney walked one
mile and we carried him five miles.
He tires easy but is getting
stronger. When he gets tired he
just stops and looks at us letting
us know he wants to be picked up.
Hope you guys and all the pets are
doig well.

John and Linda
Hi Bonnie,
I was just wondering how you have
been doing.  
Well, we all have been doing well.
The kids are great and the four-
legged ones are really doing well
Willie had an allergy attack and
has been on meds and Frodo is just
doing great. He is definitely an
alpha! But Willie does not mind
that at all. Frodo has recovered
completely from his surgery. He is
no longer sore from his neuter. He
is quite the comedian around here
and is always making us giggle!
When I get home from work he
gets so excited to see me and
stands on his back legs and dances
around in a circle! And boy can
the little thing jump high! Straight
I am attatching a couple of
pictures. In the one with Christian
and Rachel they are modeling their
easter outfits. You can see Frodo
in on the left side watching from
the Kitchen.  
Have a good day.
Kingston, Tn
These are pictures of Barney's
first snow. He loved playing in it.
We took him for his 4 month
checkup and shots and he now
weights 8 lbs. and 12 ozs. Barney
is a great dog and we love him
very much. He is so much fun and
we are blessed to have him.
John & Linda
Kingston, Tn
As for Max and Caesar - they are
adorable!!!  Every day is something
new!  Did you know Bichons love
frozen peas?  and carrots?  They
are going to the vet on Friday to
be neutered, and i am going to put
my foot down and not go anywhere
and plan to be home all weekend
with them - I've been told by
some that neutering takes the
puppy out of them, and so hope it
isn't true.  Lordy, I hear them in
the kitchen now playing frisbee - i
cannot imagine the headaches max
has given himself stepping on the
lip of the frisbee when it is upside
down and banging himself in the
head with it.  He just barks and
keeps on doing it.  They are still
very playful with each other,
never out of each other's sight,
which surprises me, as i thought
they would grow out of it.  
Apparently not.  Max is the
bigger and more aggressive of the
two, and caesar is our little
sweetheart - so calm and content.  
he is always laying across my feet
when I am in the kitchen washing
dishes, cooking, etc.  They don't
know what a stranger is and are
happy for anybody to pick them
up to play.  They have slowed
down in their growing some, with
max a little over 12 pounds and
caesar not quite 11.  the pads of
their feet are now almost all
black, and their coats are really
pretty.  so soft and sweet-
smelling!  have switched to having
their grooming done at the vet's
and they are so much better with
them - sort of like an extended
family.  We took them last week
for grooming, and Caesar pounced
and bared his teeth at a collie and
then turned tail and ran when a
pair of miniature schnauzers came
after him!  i think they've lost all
of their baby teeth - and we
actually saw one of them (I saved
it!) and isn't it a strange looking
thing!?  Looks more like the
calcium deposits that were
removed from my father's
vertebrae a few years ago - all
spiky and pointy.  They have such
cute little smiles now!
Hi Bonnie,

Bella is quite a character.  She’s
incredibly smart, and really rules
the house.  She is not the laid
back, quiet little puppy we all
thought she was.  In fact, she’s
quite the opposite.  Boy oh boy,
when she wants your attention, she
will bark at the top of her lungs!  
She is so much a part of our
family, and we are all so attached
to her.  She’s got a great
relationship with our kids, and she
is especially tight with Mark.  She’
s all about being with the family,
and hanging with us 24/7.  We
love her so much!

I think she weighs between 8 and
10 pounds...we haven’t weighed her
lately.  She loves people and other
dogs, and has playdates with our
neighbors’ Golden Retriever.  
I’ll send more pictures soon, I
Talk to you soon,
Elly and Mark Giuffre
McKynzie definitely carries her
daddy's features much more so
than Maggie Mae's features.  
She's a little Scooby!!!!  She's a
big girl.....she weighs 15-16
pounds.  She is just precious.  
Every where we take her......they
simply love her.  I've just started
taking her to a new groomer,
because I've never been overly
impressed with the woman I was
using in the past.  I loved how she
cut her, but she wasn't friendly at
all!  :(  So, now Kynzie goes to this
super nice, ritzy place....but the
cost is great!  And THEY LOVE
HER!!!!  They don't ever want to
give her back when I go to pick
her up.........and same with the vet!  
They all want to take her home!  
Aubryn says, "No way, Jose!"  :)  
Yes, Aubryn is in preschool.  Once
I started working, she started the
5-day preschool program and she
loves it!  Next Tuesday she will be
taking McKynzie to school for
show-and-tell and she can hardly
wait!  She's so excited!  
Thanks again, Bonnie!  I'll get ya
some pics soon!  

Hi Bonnie!  I am SO SORRY you
haven't heard from me lately.  
I've been meaning to drop you a
message, but just simply have not
taken the time.  McKynzie Starr
is WONDERFUL!  She is the best
pet in the world, and I'm not just
saying that.  She's absolutely
precious.  Her and Aubryn are

Chad and I have just recently
gotten a divorce..........BUT IT'S A
GOOD THING!   McKynzie goes
back and forth and it hasn't
affected her at all.  She's so darn
smart!  She has a doggie-door at
Chad's and comes and goes as she
pleases, and does not at my
house.......but that has never
confused her.  She's never had an
accident or anything.  She's with
me all week.
I will try to get you some pics
soon.  She is soooooooo cute!  She
knows so many tricks, and she's
quite the cuddler and kisser! I
don't know how we'd survive
without her.
Take care, Bonnie.  Drop me a
message if you ever have some
free time (which I'm sure you
never do!)  
Bailey is doing wonderfully.  He is
a very good dog.  We have fenced
in all the back yard plus part way
down the hill.  He loves to go out
there and run around and frolic
with Barnum.  They are so good
for each other.  I think Bailey
would be lonely without Barnum.  
Bailey, still is a bit scared of
noise and even if you rattle the
newspaper as you are reading it.  
We take a lot of time with him and
he appreciates everything we do.  
He is a fabulous little guy.  He is
always giving kisses and licking
any boo boo's we get from
working around the property.  
Bailey has added a lot to our lives
and he seems to fit in so well.  
We wish you and yours a
wonderful Thanksgiving and
holiday season.   
Bill , Judy,
Barnum and Bailey.
That Tim is so crazy over his lil
girl that he went out again today
and bought sheep furry liner stuff
and got a wire basket and has
been sewing, yes I just said
"sewing" together the pieces he
cut to size to fit in this basket
thing so it would be comfy (have
you ever heard of just buying a
nice blanket for it for padding
Mr. Tim?"  LOL  Anyway he is
still sitting on the couch sewing it
together.  I'll have to take a pic
for you.

We bought more extensions for
her outside corral play area for
the deck so now she has plenty of
safe play area.  The weather has
been horrible here, cold and rainy
so outside time has been limited.  
In fact those 3:00am outings have
been way to cold.  She is finally
getting the hang of pottying on the
paper but only when her little
prissy self feels like it.  Other
times she looks up at the door sits
by it and the last two times she
hits it with her paw!   I am like
"what a good girl"..  I think she is
a rocket scientist in disguise.  

Today she decided to pull Tim's
heavy work boot by the shoe
string all the way across the floor,
she is very strong.   Oh and did I
mention the bouncing?  She is so
funny she stands in one place and
bounces up and down.   Question..
do your Bichons butt everything
with their noses?  Precious tests
everything with her nose,
sometimes instead of a kiss she
gives me a head butt with her nose!

Okay I could go on and on.  Tell
Lucky's new mom I got the best
girl, she sleeps so good in her
crate right next to me on a
bedside table, she wimpers to go
potty, I take her out and put her
right back in and she lays down
and goes right back to sleep.  
Sometimes I wake up to pee
(imagine that) and she is laying on
her back in her crate playing with
a toy I put in there.   So

Christmas music is on, I'm
watching my hubby do the sewing
and Precious run around like
Scooby!  LOL

Talk to you later.    Oh I almost
forgot...I love the Vet pictures,
James & Precious look so cute.  
I'll give Precious a kiss for you....
I know she misses all of you.   A
lady in the RV park brought her
over a stuffed bear that squeaks,
it is so cute, Precious went up to it
and attacked it, shook it and drug
it!  LOL I guess that meant she
liked it.
She just fell asleep again, she ate
at noon, slept, played, slept,
played and now went out again to
pee and poop and then napping
again!  What a life.
Well I have to go finish the chili
while she is napping.
Talk later,
Hi Bonnie,

I have someone very interested in
your puppies I think. Word got
around that I had a beautiful
little boy after I sent the picture
of Christian and Rachel with the
sunglasses on to my mother in law
who then forwarded it to several
people and I think I got more
comments on Frodo in the
background than I did on the
kids!!! But She showed more
pictures of Frodo that I sent and
he said he was looking for a puppy
around March or November. I call
the person "He" because I can not
remember what his name is. Just
that his last name is Beedle.

So I was just going to let you
know that he may be contacting
I am so proud to show off Frodo!
He is such a charming and
handsome boy. Thank you so much
such a sweet little boy!

TTL, Beth
Hi Bonnie,

I was just wondering how you have
been doing. It seems like you are
about to have a house full of
puppies again! I have visited your
web site and saw that you had
some pups on the way.
Well, we all have been doing well.
The kids are gteat and the four-
legged ones are really doing well,
Willie had an allergy attack and
has been on meds and Frodo is just
doing great. He is definitely an
alpha! But Willie does not mind
that at all. Frodo has recovered
completely from his surgery. He is
no longer sore from his neuter. He
is quite the comedian around here
and is always making us giggle!
When I get home from work he
gets so excited to see me and
stands on his back legs and dances
around in a circle! And boy can
the little thing jump high! Straight
up!!! Unfortunately he has adopted
Willies bad habit of devouring his
food and gulping up his water as I
am pouring it. He used to be a
picky little eater. (I know they
are fed enough!!)

I am attatching a couple of
pictures. In the one with Christian
and Rachel they are modeling their
easter outfits. You can see Frodo
in on the left side watching from
the Kitchen.  
Have a good day.
I was just writing to let you know
that Frodo's neuter surgery went
well. He has a little bruising but
seems to be feeling well.    
But what a scruffy little thing. I
can not wait to give him a bath!
The fur on his face is yellow! I
guess that I have to wait a few
days on that. A good brushing
should make him look a lot better.

I just wanted to let you know how
things went and I will write you
Bye for now, Beth
If only we had room for another
little baby in our home! I would
love to have another bichon! Frodo
is an absolute joy and I just don't
know what Willie would do without
him. One more would be three
times the fun! Oh, when we get a
bigger house.
Frodo has picked up the coolest
habbit! Wilson gets to go out
without a leash since he is so good
not to go off and while he is out
doing his business Frodo will stand
at the back screen door watching
for Willie to come back. Our
little Fro Baby has picked up on
the fact that the door does not
latch properly most of the time
and will push on it when Willie
gets back to the house so that
Willie can get his nose in and open
it the rest of the way! It is so
funny to watch and on the
occasions that the door is latched
Frodo has the biggest fit jumping
against the door trying his best to
get it open for Wilson!!! He really
is something.  
Sorry to ramble on. I will let you
now how the vet visit goes. And I
will send some fresh from the
groomers pics this weekend.

Talk later,
Hi there,
We have had a very busy and
hectic holiday season. Computer
difficulties as well so I am
catching up on my e-mails now.
We had a great holiday.  The
children had a great time and love
everthing they got. And the
doggies had a great time. it is like
they knew as well that it was a
special day. When we helped
Frodo open his new blanket he
immediately grabbed it and
dragged it to the den to play with
and roll around on. And Wilson
just watches helplessly as Frodo
hogs both blankies! Poor Thing!
Frodo's neuter surgery is coming
up pretty soon. We are not looking
forward to that. I just can not
stand the thought of him being
I hope that you and the family had
a great holiday. I will be sending
you some photos soon! (Blush) I
know I have said that i would send
them but I have not been able to
with our computer acting silly.  
Well, I will go for now but I'll
write back soon.

Your friend, Beth
Buddy is a handfull! He is great!
He is expressive and a typical
'boy' in many  ways. He is much
different than Lady our previous
Bichon. We love him. He makes my
wife laugh. She was sad for some
time after Lady died so Buddy has
brought laughter back to her.
Buddy is still learing to do his
business outside but he is making
progress. He also goes crazy over
ice. Whenever we get ice from the
icemaker in our fridge door, he
runs to the kitchen no matter what
he is doing, no matter where he is
and jumps all over the place until
we give him some ice.
Anyway, he is very special to us.
In fact, since we got Buddy, two
other people in our church got new
Here are a couple of pics of our
Thanks again,
Pastor Bob and Kathy

Took "Buddy' to the vet and he is
a healthy puppy.
Thanks again....he is delightful.
Bob Mills
Bonnie, Bruce has been such a
blessing to us
I cannot imagine anything better
in our lives. Keith definitely feels
same way. He is so cautious with
Bruce it makes me giggle! .
Bruce is doing so good about
potting outside and loving on us. It
warms my heart to think about
him. I could not ask for more - he
has even learned to sit on
command. Please get back in touch
with me so we can discuss Bruce a
brother. I have pic.s and will send
them to you.
Bruce is the love of our lives. He
is such a joy.  He sleeps with us
each night and wants to be with us
everywhere we go.  Keith said that
was the best money he has ever
When Bruce hears him open the
door he goes wild.  He has made
just a few messes in the floor but
when his feet hit the grass he
knows what to do
then he heads back to the porch.  
For him to be so young we feel
that he his
very smart.  He loves to give
kisses also.  I could go on and on
about him. I could not have ask
for anything more.
Oh yeah I almost forgot.  He got
his first bath last night!  How
fun.  He did not mind the water
and he got use to the hair dryer
quickly and he just let us brush
and brush him.  He looked like a
rat all wet.  He weighs 6.2
lbs. and it is all love.
Pixie is doing great!  She goes
today to get her 8 week shots.  
She's been settling in quite well at
our home.  She does a great job
during the night letting us know
when she needs to go potty.  
She really has been a great puppy
and we're so glad to have Pixie as
part of our family.

Thanks, Bonnie!
The Gervasi Family (Doug, Amy,
Joshua and Anna Grace

Hi Bonnie,

Just wanted you to know that
everything is going great!  Jenna
is doing fine and getting constant
attention and love from everyone!  
She is a doll!   We'll be taking her
for her first vet visit tomorrow.

Take care,  Tracey

Lacey is absolutely adjusting
beautifully.  She is so very happy,
making friends everywhere we go.  
I had expected to follow your
advice and keep her at home for
the first few weeks, but honestly,
she travels so great, goes
everywhere possible with me, and
everyone, absolutely everyone
falls in love with her.  I am totally
overwhelmed with the love she is
bringing into this household.

Dan and Bethany are all over her,
rolling in the floor with her,
taking her out, laughing a lot
(that's the real joy for me), and
we're actually sharing our love for
her!  This little puppy is already a
great salvation for our family.  
How much we love her already, and
she just loves us.  You should see
her run across the lawn after Dan,
or running all around Bethany.  

We have four big brick steps into
our front door, hard for me to
even manage, then a large step up
into the foyer....well, Lacey can go
up and down them with no problem
already.  She is so happy, so
healthy, and so full of fun.  We
are so very pleased and honored to
have her here with us.  

I wonder if you can at all
comprehend, Bonnie, what a
difference you are making in the
world with your dogs and their
puppies.  It's like the door has
opened at our house, and a huge
breath of happy, fresh air has
entered.  And it's contagious.

I thank God for you, and for our
new little darling Lacey.

Lynchburg, Va.

Our Guarantee, Pricing &

Lacey is absolutely adjusting
beautifully.  She is so very happy,
making friends everywhere we go.  
I had expected to follow your
advice and keep her at home for
the first few weeks, but honestly,
she travels so great, goes
everywhere possible with me, and
everyone, absolutely everyone
falls in love with her.  I am totally
overwhelmed with the love she is
bringing into this household.

Dan and Bethany are all over her,
rolling in the floor with her,
taking her out, laughing a lot
(that's the real joy for me), and
we're actually sharing our love for
her!  This little puppy is already a
great salvation for our family.  
How much we love her already, and
she just loves us.  You should see
her run across the lawn after Dan,
or running all around Bethany.  

We have four big brick steps into
our front door, hard for me to
even manage, then a large step up
into the foyer....well, Lacey can go
up and down them with no problem
already.  She is so happy, so
healthy, and so full of fun.  We
are so very pleased and honored to
have her here with us.  

I wonder if you can at all
comprehend, Bonnie, what a
difference you are making in the
world with your dogs and their
puppies.  It's like the door has
opened at our house, and a huge
breath of happy, fresh air has
entered.  And it's contagious.

I thank God for you, and for our
new little darling Lacey.

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